BeachScapes By Tracey!

A rainy day at the beach beats a sunny day at work!

About BeachScapes by Tracey!

"BeachScapes By Tracey!" was born in early 2004 from of my efforts to ease the pain of losing my chosen son, Michael C. Leslie, in an automobile accident on December 8, 2003.

Mike was my son's best friend for years, and blended perfectly into my family from the very beginning. He was a special boy who grew up to be a special man, and he had became a truly good friend to me as he grew up, always giving more than he needed to and making me feel special. Losing Mike brought indescribable and enduring pain to his family and friends. I am lucky to have memories of beachcombing along Lewes Beach with my kids - and Mike, too. Those memories are all the more precious having lost him.

I still think of Mike as I beachcomb ... and sometimes feel him with me ... especially when I find a perfect Angel Wing shell. We all miss you, Mike, so much. Yo.

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