BeachScapes By Tracey!

A rainy day at the beach beats a sunny day at work!


November 19, 2009.

Hello, everyone! I have to thank everyone, once again, for all of the kind and loving emails after the death of my Nana. Losing our biggest fan was very hard for all of her grands. With Nana as my official co-pilot, I am moving full speed ahead.

I will be participating in a craft sale on Saturday, December 5th (from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m.) at the Pleasantville Elementary School, 16 Pleasant Place, New Castle, Delaware 19720. I plan to have smaller BeachScapes and ornaments (my BeachCookies!!) with me, and for a small price I will be delighted to provide gift bags and tissue paper for your BeachScape purchases! Stock up! BeachCookies make great Christmas gifts!

I am looking around for other opportunities, so please let me know if you hear of something wonderful! Stay tuned! There are some great things in the works for BeachScapes by Tracey!


October 12, 2009.

I would like to add a special note in honor of my beloved Nana, who died yesterday. You're with Uncle Duffy and Auntie Kay now ... I will miss you always, Nana Banana ... until I see you again.

Thank you, Nana ... for being my end all, be all ... for being that voice in my head that has encouraged me and urged me to go confidently forward. I have always believed in your unwavering belief in me and all of your grands ... I will do my best to carry that forward. I love you too much.


October 2009.

Hello! I send a special greeting to everyone who has emailed me and called me! I really enjoy speaking with you and I really appreciate your kind words about my BeachScapes! I am going to be updating the website to include a catalog and ordering information. Stay tuned!

There are some folks to whom I owe a huge apology. It has been a very difficult year for me - trying in so many ways - and in the fracas and in trying to keep too many balls aloft, I have dropped too many. I apologize. I ask for another chance. Please send me a note!

I probably speak for many of us when I say that 2009 has brought challenges to daily life. Business is tough everywhere, and though I felt pretty sheltered from it for awhile, I have to admit that the economy has adversely affected my life. I still believe in change, though, and I have hope that things will turn around. Here's hoping, anyhow!

As I walked the beach this last weekend, I was delighted to find wonderful shells and some pretty sea glass. It was the first weekend that the ocean along the Point was open at Cape Henlopen, so it was nice to head out with LoLo and just stroll. The weather was delightful - a light breeze, 75 degrees, sunny -- perfect October weather! The water was wonderfully warm so that made the walk much more fun. On Sunday morning, I saw the most awesome sight! After my fabulous shower outside (55 degrees, breezy, sunny - perfect!!), I went upstairs to get dressed. I looked out of the third floor bedroom and saw and heard a church service ... I hurried up and went downstairs, but by the time I did, a heavy fog engulfed the bay area! After we had a quick breakfast, we went down and spoke to the folks - they are with a local Christian Church and this was their annual baptism in the bay. They agreed that it was pretty eerie when the fog rolled in and they couldn't see the person beside them! In all the years I've been coming to Lewes, I have never seen the fog roll in like that ... ever. 'Twas an awesome sight to behold.

On the saddest of notes, my beloved Nana is growing very tired and is very ready to be finished with her work here on Earth. Her eight grandchildren (my siblings and my cousins) have all had the joy of spending some special time with her to tell her how special she has been to all of us, and how we are all better people for having had her loving guidance throughout our lives. It is with great pain that we 'grands' stand by to support our parents as they say goodbye to their beloved mother (and mother in law). Nana has always been the rock solid foundation - such an important part of our lives. Though I cannot imagine life without her, I pray that the rest of her journey is peaceful and serene. I love you, Nana. Too much.

I want to share a poem written by my brother Glenn especially for Nana. It speaks volumes for all of us. To start, I'd like to share his opening prayer.

I pray tonight with all my heart for Nana's highest good. Amen.

Thank you, Gleno, for allowing me to share this. I love you.

Lena's going home it only looks like she is dying
I know she's not alone and it's okay that we are crying
She hugged us tight and fed us full
tucked in goodnight and snug in wool.
Departed family gather round her
loving angels now surround her
We're sad to see her go, but happy she'll be bathed in light
She's safe inside our hearts, We'll listen for her in the night
In dreams and whispers we can hear you
Always now we're still here near you
Though you're far away, Our hearts can hear you say:
I love you sweet, I kiss you now, I go now toward the light
And when we meet, I'll show you how
Again our hearts will meet in flight.
Thank you Nana.

Love and Love and Love


July 2009.

Another year, another insane drive to Boston for Nana's 97th birthday! Cousin Diane hosted the party this year, and I has the pleasure of a few hours at Green Harbor beach in Marshfield, MA. Delightful time - sunny and warm, low tide - beachcombed some great stuff! Nana says that she isn't so much into birthdays, but loves having the family around to tell her how much we love her! No time for Scrabble this visit, but maybe in the fall when we come back for a visit!


October 2008.

Hello, again! I am thrilled to share that I was invited to donate a couple of BeachScapes by Tracey! to the Sussex County Association of Realtors for their 2008 Community Service Live and Silent Auction. It is a wonderful organization, and I hope they do really well this year. As in the past, proceeds from the auction will go directly to the needy children of Sussex County to purchase gifts at Christmas and serve their various needs. It is an honor to be a part of something that benefits children.

Special shout out to Becky - I really enjoyed beachcombing with you ... it was great fun to comb a totally new and different beach than I usually comb. What amazing stuff we found! It was alot of fun and I hope we can do it again sometime!

Don't forget, folks ... BeachScapes are great gifts! Ornaments and refrigerator magnets are now available at Marsha's ... and check out Beach Bumz on the other side of the drawbridge! Christmas ornaments are available there, too!


September 2008.

Hi! As always, thank you to those of you who have sent emails! It is great fun to chat with people who share my love for Lewes and the beach!

Mom had her surgery - total knee replacement. I don't know about you guys, but I hope to NEVER require this particular operation. Even with her ailing shoulders and back, my mother is on the mend ... walking as much as they'll allow, physical therapy three times a week, great attitude! Thanks for all the well wishes, too!

Mid September brought the annual week at the beach for me and Lorraine. What a great week it was ... beautiful beach week, lots of beachwalking since the beaches were wiped clean by Hurricane Hanna!, killer games of Scrabble both on the beach and at the house, many awesome meals (we are excellent cooks!!). I LOVE Lewes!


August 2008.

Hello, all! Thanks to everyone for the amazing emails! I appreciate that so many of you take the time to send a note. It means the world to me!

Just returned from our annual whirlwind trip to Boston ... to celebrate my beloved Nana's 96th birthday! Along with my y ounger sister and brother (and nephew!), drove up last Friday night - left Wilmington, DE at 12:30 a.m., arrived in Pembroke, MA at 7:30 a.m. (Crazy, isn't it?! No beach traffic, though! We drove home the same crazy way - left Pembroke at 9:15 p.m. and arrived back in Wilmington around 3:00 a.m.!!) We spent a glorious day visiting, swimming, playing and eating with cousins! Nana arrived looking beautiful with a huge smile and trounced us again at a lively game of Scrabble!! She is quite the amazing player ... gotta love that QAT! Special thank you to Stan and Donna for the hospitality ... and the huge tub of lobsters! Yum!

I love you, Nana!

Can you believe that the summer is halfway over?! Other than our week in July, I have not spent much time in Lewes this summer ... too many people! Ha! I am really looking forward to spending a week there with Lorraine in mid-September ... I am absolutely aching to do some beachcombing on my beaches of Lewes!

Please keep a positive thought for my mom ... she is having knee replacement surgery in early September. Please join me in wishing her a very speedy recovery so she and I can go for a nice long walk on the beach together. It wasn't in the cards this year, but hopefully soon ....

Be well, be happy!


May 2008.

HAPPY MAY DAY! This has been the prettiest spring! I have been enchanted by the flowers this year, and am well into setting up my balcony garden and my parents' deck and yard!

I'm heading down to the beach tomorrow ... yard sale planned for Saturday, but the weather forecast isn't looking very yard sale-like! Oh well. I want some beachwalking and beachcombing time, so the yard sale is second place stuff for me! I'm hoping to find some of my favorite things ... conch shells, angel wings, scallops, small oysters, tiny little pairs of quahogs and bay clams, oyster drills, little dog whelks ... ahhhh, and won't it be great to feel my toes in the sand! I'm excited!!

My wish for us all for Summer 2008 ... peace, happiness and resolution to all those nagging things that are hanging over our heads. Let's take care of business and get stuff done so there is only celebration in our futures!

And please ... let's all take the time to make an effort to make this crazy world a little bit nicer, a little bit friendlier, a little bit kinder. If we all make an effort, we can change our own little corner of this world to make it better every single day. I think it's more important now than ever in this crazy world.


February 2008.

Hello! Geez, I cannot believe it's been so long since I've dropped in to say hi. Sorry. The fall got away from me ... turned into winter and hasn't been great beachcombing weather. Sadly, I've only been beachcombing a few times since the beginning of December. Later this week, Lorraine and I are headed to NYC to see the ballet of West Side Story, spend a day or two discovering a new hotel - the Comfort Inn Chelsea. {What a find it is!! If you're going to Chelsea, check it out!! We had to fire the Milford Plaza after being our ONLY New York hotel for 20+ years!} then heading down to Lewes for a nice long weekend. Hopefully, the weather will be with us and we will do some GREAT beachcombing! I hope you're all doing well and thinking spring. Here's to a quick end to winter ... and plenty of beachcombing weather ahead!

Private note to Becky: You restored my faith in humans. It was great emailing with you ... I miss it! My wrists are in tough shape from typing so much lately ... I'm going to call so we can start having chats in the evenings. Be happy, girl.


September 2007.

Hello again! My September week at the beach was absolutely perfect this year! That week, it is just Lorraine and I - it's quiet, it's easy, it's so peaceful! We go down the week after Labor Day, so Lewes was getting back to normal - no huge crowds on the beaches, no long lines at the restaurants! Of course, all that really matters to me is that the crowds are off my beach! Ha! I was able to beachcomb for at least four hours each day; the most I spent was 10 hours one of the days! Excellent time! I found LOTS of tiny shells for use on ornaments! We found two varieties of shells that we haven't ever seen in Lewes - Lorraine will try to identify them.

The best news of September 2007 is that there are FAR fewer cigarette butts on the beach! Usually it takes until mid-October before I am picking up more shells than butts - but there were very few butts after the summer season ended! You go, smokers! Great job not using my beach as your ashtray!


August 2007.

Hello, everyone! What an exciting summer it has been! I was very proud of an amazing article written by Georgia Leonhart and published in the Cape Gazette on July 20, 2007. I spent a special day at Marsha's Under the Canopy on July 21st, working on BeachScapes and chatting with lots and lots of folks who came by. It was a beautiful day - about 75 degrees, sunny, breezy - and I really enjoyed the folks who stopped at my table!! I hope, if you see this note, you will email me and join my mailing list! I plan to do a little newsletter a couple of times a year, and would love to have you on it!

The entire extended family spent our annual week in Lewes for the 26th year! It was quite a crowd this year - Mom and Dad, all five kids (and their other halves), all the grandchildren, all the great grandchildren. And that doesn't even include the friends who came over! It was noisy - but happy! We laughed alot, we ate alot - all home cooking, all the time! Everyone joined in the cooking, and we ate better than we could have at any restaurant! We played scrabble, watched movies, made lanyards, and had a fantastic time!

Another great time this summer was a whirlwind trip to Massachusetts with three of my four siblings to celebrate my grandmothers 95th birthday! It was an awesome fun time - seven of the eight grandchildren all around one table eating and laughing and loving spending time together. (we missed you, h! J was an excellent representative for you!)

Happy 95th birthday, Nana! I love you!


About BeachScapes by Tracey!

"BeachScapes By Tracey!" was born in early 2004 from of my efforts to ease the pain of losing my chosen son, Michael C. Leslie, in an automobile accident on December 8, 2003.

Mike was my son's best friend for years, and blended perfectly into my family from the very beginning. He was a special boy who grew up to be a special man, and he had became a truly good friend to me as he grew up, always giving more than he needed to and making me feel special. Losing Mike brought indescribable and enduring pain to his family and friends. I am lucky to have memories of beachcombing along Lewes Beach with my kids - and Mike, too. Those memories are all the more precious having lost him.

I still think of Mike as I beachcomb ... and sometimes feel him with me ... especially when I find a perfect Angel Wing shell. We all miss you, Mike, so much. Yo.

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